Greg has always loved history and was drawn to the tale of the Lusitania because he was fascinated by the cataclysm of elegant Edwardian society caused by the brutal warfare the industrial success of that society made possible. His passion for research and discovery has taken him to the numerous historical sites that appear in the book.

London has been Greg’s home since 2000 and he has divided his investment banking and asset management career between New York and London. Greg wrote L U S I T A N I A R. E. X while founding and developing his own investment management firm. He is originally from Colorado and returns regularly to visit family and friends and to hike and ski in the Rocky Mountains.

Undergraduate studies in history at Williams College in Massachusetts and the University of Durham, England, are reflected in the book. Greg attended the School of Management at Yale University where he lived one block from The Tomb of Skull and Bones.

Greg has been fortunate to develop a relationship with the descendants of the some of the main characters in the book. Original material and anecdotes about their grandparents, that are reflected in the story, have been shared with him by the Duke of Marlborough and the grandson of Alfred Vanderbilt.